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Privacy-First Jobs: 7 new open positions at Access Now, BEUC, Signal & more

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Things are looking up this week with a few more jobs available including a new recruiter in the database – BEUC.

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Access Now

  • Accountant — Washington DC, United States; New York, United States

Access Now is a global non-profit organisation that works to protect and defend the digital rights of individuals and communities.


BEUC is a non-profit organisation representing 46 independent national consumer organisations in Brussels to defend the interests of European consumers.


DuckDuckGo is an internet privacy company providing private search, web and app tracking protection, Smarter Encryption, email protection, and more.


Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform that provides website owners with detailed insights into their visitors' behavior and preferences.


Proton is a Swiss technology company offering privacy-focused online services including email, VPN and file storage.


Signal is a non-profit organisation that focuses on providing secure and private communication tools for individuals and organizations.